Lutron PVI

 Lutron PVI





最少订量︰110 KG



Lutron PVI  季胺化聚乙烯咪唑


PVI 优点︰

  • 化学镀铜镀层均匀
  • 电镀光亮剂添加剂
  • 碱性镀锌光亮剂,有效提高金属镀层附着力

Lutron PVI is a cationic polymer which is used in the electronics industry in the manufacture of printed circuit boards. It enables the walls of through-holes to be homogeneously seeded with catalyst after they have been drilled, which ensures that a uniform layer of electroless copper can be applied. It can either be applied in the desmearing solution itself or subsequently in a separate process. It is usually added to concentrated desmearing solutions at a rate of 1 – 5 g/l.
Lutron PVI is also used to formulate brightener additives for the electroplating industry. It acts as a basic brightener in alkaline zinc electrolytes, and it is particularly effective for improving the adhesion of the plated metal. It is usually employed at a concentration of 0.1– 2 g/l.

Lutron PVI

Physical form Clear, pale brown liquid
Concentration (ISO 3251, 1 h at 150 °C)--------43 – 45%

Iodine colour (DIN EN 1557)--------< 15

Viscosity (DIN 53018, Part 1)-------40 – 80 mPa · s

pH (ISO 976, 10 % solution)------4 – 5

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