Model No.︰UV70C

Brand Name︰PQ Corporation

Country of Origin︰United Kingdom

Unit Price︰-

Minimum Order︰15 KG

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Product Description

Gasil UV70C is an organically treated silica gel specifically designed as an effective matting agent for 100% solids UV curable coatings for wood, plastic and graphic industry.
Gasil UV70C provides excellent matting efficiency combined with minimal effect on clarity and mechanical film properties.

Gasil UV70C Benefits:

  •  Optimal matting efficiency from ultra high pore volume and controlled particle size distribution
  •  Product consistency
  •  Ease of dispersion
  •  Film clarity
  •  Raw material cost savings

Gasil UV70C Storage & Handling:
Store the product in unopened bags in a dry place with temperatures between 35o F and 95o F. Handle sensibly to minimize creation of dust and build up of static electricity. Product is amorphous (no crystalline silica). Please consult the MSDS available on request.

Gasil UV70C is available in 15 kilogram bags.

Packing︰ 15kg/bag

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