Curing agent for epoxy resin

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United States

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1 KG

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Product Description

GP403 is formulated from a mercaptan  terminated liquid curing agent which imparts rapid-cure characteristics to epoxy resins in combination with selected amines.

These systems are unique in that they also provide rapid cure rates at low temperatures and in thin films. 

This material is formulated to cure epoxy resin in approximately 10 minutes.

Additional Data:

  • Rapid Cures 
  • Low Temperature Cures 
  • Thin Film Cures 

Applications :

  • Consumer Patch Kits
  • Road Marker Adhesives
  • Industrial Adhesives
  • Jewelry and Craft Adhesive Cure
  •  Acceleration of Epoxy Adhesive Cure

TYPICAL APPLICATIONS                  GP403
Appearance ----------------------------------------- Colorless to slight yellow heavy fluid
Odor ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mercaptan-like
Specific Gravity ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------   1
Color,Gardner --------------------------------------------------------------------------   2.0 max
Viscosity (cps) --------------------------------------------------------------------  12000-15000
Moisture,% -------------------------------------------------------------------------------   0.3 max
Gel Time ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 10 min



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