Benzoflex LA-705

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United States

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225 KG

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Product Description

Benzoflex LA-705    Application/Uses
  • PVAc water based adhesives
  • VAE water based adhesives

specifications︰ Benzoflex LA-705 Typical Properties

Boiling Point @ 760 mm Hg -->350°C
Flash Point(Setaflash Closed Cup )--- 192°C
Freezing Point --------<16°C
Odor --------- Mild
Pour point ------- -40°C
Refractive Index @ 25°C ------1.53
Solubility in Water, @ 25°C----Slightly soluble
Specific Gravity @ 20°C/20°C------- 1.156
Vapor Pressure @ 20°C ------- <0.0001 torr
Viscosity ( Shear rate = 10(sec)^-1) @ 25°C-------68 mPa·s

Advantages︰ Benzoflex™ LA-705 is a global solution for waterborne adhesives offering excellent performance and the unique combination of complete FDA clearance and no EU labeling vs traditional plasticizers.Export Markets︰ ALL Ship Date︰ 3

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