Tomamine AO-455, Applications :
All-purpose cleaners .Bathroom cleaners.Carpet & upholstery cleaners.Dishwash products .
Glass cleaners .
Industrial cleaners .
Low Foam cleaners .
Low VOC cleaners .
Transportation cleaners


Q-C-15 ,Applications:

Hard surface cleaning and cleaning vehicles.

 Q-C-15 is used to reinforce hard surface cleaning and vehicle during cleaning and oil removal efficiency

Tomadyne 102

Tomadyne 102 surfactants is designed for use in hard surface and industrial cleaning formulations including transportation cleaners for cars, trucks, buses, aircraft, as well as metal cleaning detergents for soak tanks and high-pressure spray systems.

Surfactants : 

 Chemactant 872AM,           Synfac 8120  ,   EL360  ,   LRO,

  BTC 2125M-80%  ,                  Bio-Soft N-300 ,

  Plurafac SL-62,                Pluronic 25R4,      PE6400,   

  Trilon BX  ,                      PVI   ,                     G35,                               

 CARBOWAX PEG 8000,      TRITON CF-10,  TRITON X-100 ,   

  EXXAL13   ,     Octadecanethiol  ,       2- methyl -2, 4- glycol.

  TERGITOL 15-S-7  ,TERGITOL 15-S-12 ,  TERGITOL 15-S-15                                                            Plurafac SL-62  ,     Morin M3735