Gasil IJ37

 Gasil IJ37

Model No.︰IJ37

Brand Name︰PQ Corporation

Country of Origin︰United States

Unit Price︰-

Minimum Order︰15 kg

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Product Description

Gasil IJ37

Gasil IJ37  is an organically treated silica gel specifically designed as a effective Matting Agent for Water Based Wood Flooring and Radiation Cured Coatings. 

Gasil IJ37 provides excellent matting efficiency combined with minimal effect on clarity and mechanical film properties.  

Gasil IJ37 Benefits:

  • Product Consistency
  • Ease of dispersion
  • Film Clarity
  • Raw Material Cost Savings                 

Typical Properties of GASIL IJ37
Pore volume, (ml/g)-------------------------------------------------------------------------  1.2
Average particle size, (Malvern mastersizer, microns) ---------------------  5.6 – 7.0
Loss at 1000o C (%) -------------------------------------------------------------------------  13
pH (5% aqueous) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------   6
Color Harrison ----------------------------------------------------------------------------  91 min


Packing︰ 15kg/ bag