Model No.︰Santicizer 141

Brand Name︰FERRO

Country of Origin︰United States

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Minimum Order︰225 kg

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Product Description

Santicizer 141

2-ethylhexyl diphenyl phosphate (CAS # 1241-94-7)

Fast Fusing, Fire Retardant Plasticizer

Santicizer® 141 is a fast-fusing, non-halogen, fire retardant plasticizer used in multiple polymer systems. This plasticizer is recommended for applications where there is a need to reduce the risk of fire. This versatile additive has FDA clearances making it an option for applications that involve indirect food contact. In PVC, Santicizer® 141 acts as a high solvating plasticizer, offering performance, faster fusion and high plasticizing efficiency. Santicizer® 141 is also used as a lubricant additive, hydraulic fluid, and rubber processing aid.


• An active fire suppressant replacing other plasticizers which may act as fuels

• Compatibility in many polymer systems offers versatility

• High plasticizer efficiency to reduce plasticizer loadings

• Fast-fusing plasticizer in PVC systems to boost throughput

• Non-halogenated, non-regulated

• FDA indirect food contact clearances under 21CFR 175.105 Indirect Food Additives:

Adhesives and Components of Coatings


Safety and Handling
Complete toxicity and handling information can be found on the Material Safety Data Sheet, which is available upon request.

Typical Properties


Clear, oily liquid

Colour (APHA)*

30 max.


Essentially odourless

Specific gravity (20 °C / 20 °C)*


Refractive index at 20 °C*


Acidity (0.20 meq. KOH/100 g max)*

(0.01% as phosphoric acid)

Moisture (by KF in methanol, %)*

0.10 max.

Chemical type

Octyl Diphenyl Phosphate

Molecular weight


Pour point (°C)


Boiling point 13.3 h Pa

239 °C (decomposes)

Flash point (COC)

224 °C

Fire point (COC)

238 °C

Vapour pressure


at 150 °C

27 Pa

at 200 °C

213 Pa

Viscosity m²/s


at 0 °C


at 25 °C


at 99 °C


Surface tension at 23 °C

0.0367 N.m

Solubility in water at 25 °C


General solubility

Soluble in most organic solvents

* Part of Ferro sales specifications

Packing︰ 225kg/drum

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